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Who’s going? 30 attendees

  1. Gajendra Singh Rathore
  2. Ashish Agrawal
  3. Utkarsh Verma
  4. Gaurav Arya
  5. Harsh Shrivastava
  6. Shreya Saxena
  7. Anas Ali
  8. Manav Madaan
  11. Ashish Mangla
  12. Sandy
  13. Mac
  14. Anmol Raj
  15. Anshul Dawar
  16. Manisha Verma
  17. Harshit Juneja
  18. Sanni Kumar Singh
  19. Shweta Sharma
  20. Sakshi Aggarwal
  21. Vaibhav Bansal
  22. Beenu Rai
  23. vishualiser
  24. Manish Thakur 🎨

Where is it?

Cafe Me Diner
B1/1 Community Centre, Janakpuri
New Delhi, Delhi 110058

Meetup Details

Hello Dribbblers,

We are excited to host our first meetup.

We’re a tool that makes it possible to design anything and publish anywhere. Join our beta before the public does

It’s time to engage with the local design community and pixel enthusiasts from the town. We have very limited spots this time. Calling all designers, illustrators, and creatives from Delhi & NCR

Anyone and everyone who wants to have interesting conversations are welcome to join us. We’ll chat about design, UX, interfaces, mobile, and so much more over coffee and snacks. We promise to not bore you and we promise to make it worth your time.

Below is the list of things we are planning to keep as our agenda of the day-

Surprise!!! Presentation/Show a new product who can change your life{Can earn more money}: 10 AM- 10:30 AM

A fun activity as an icebreaker session for all : 10:30 AM - 11 AM

A discussion on a popular mobile app and web and what can be done to improve its usability: 11 AM - 12:30 PM

Hoping to see you.

Please get in touch with for any related queries.