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Who’s going? 5 attendees

  1. Kushal Kumar
  2. Manpreet Singh Deol
  3. Ramneek Singh
  4. vipin sharma
  5. Amit Saggu

Where is it?

Barandari Garden Patiala
Baradari Rd Baradari Patiala, Punjab 147001
patiala, Punjab 147001

Royal City Patiala Design Dribbble 1st Meetup Patiala Pirates is excited to host the Patiala Dribbble Meetup! For the very first time in royal city Patiala , A Design Meetup by Dribbble For all designers, illustrators and other creatives from the People from Royal City !

What you will get

*Design seminar in open garden of city Barandari Garden * About Design and Photography * Design challenge * Swag from Dribbble (oh yeahhh Dribbble Goodies)

You are welcome at 4 PM , meetup starts at 4:30 and end around 6:00 If if wont get too loud . Please bring a valid ID for security purposes. We hope you’ll join us for a chance to meet other creatives from the City