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Who’s going? 30 attendees

  1. Frank DiBraccio
  2. Brad Siefert
  3. Belinda Kou
  4. Sal Bolanos
  5. Woo Bryant
  6. Megan Nicolle Jackson
  7. Keith Wilson
  8. Alexander
  9. Austin Tapper
  10. Justin Herren
  11. Anavi Bhushan Nugyal
  12. Tyler Mayfield
  13. Seulgee Lee
  14. Stefan Coisson
  15. yesol lee
  16. Jennifer Johnson
  17. Nicole Borens
  18. Kevin Brouillette
  19. Simi Dhillon
  20. Jonna Newberry
  21. Nicole Ciminello
  22. Alexandra Vitale
  23. Holly Lipper
  24. Melissa Sherrod

Where is it?

The Game Room
12 S Michigan Ave
Chicago, Illinois 60603
United States

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Calling all designers, illustrators and other creatives in the Chicago area. Let’s talk shop and jump-start the weekend together - inspired and buzzing about new ideas.

Nothing fancy, just a casual sit down and some free Dribbble goodies too. Join us for a chance to meet other like-minded people, do some light networking and generally just have a fun evening.

Feel free to bring along other creatives in shape of friends, colleagues or acquaintances - everyone’s welcome.

The venue will be the « The Game Room » at 12 S Michigan Ave. We’ll be there on September 26th and will start at 6pm.

P.S. This isn’t a sponsored event, so expect to pay your own way ;)