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  1. Nashi Khan
  2. Yasin Sarfaraz
  3. Sarfraz Sharif
  4. Sarif Hossain
  5. Emon Khan
  6. Tonima Jahan
  7. Ashik Haque
  8. sagorahmed96
  9. Yousuf Saymon
  10. Jahid khan
  11. Hasan Al Faridi

Where is it?

Shamol Bangla Resort
Kalatia, Keraniganj Model Thana, Dhaka 1313
Dhaka, Keraniganj 1313

Meetup Details

Hello Dribbblers!

We are conducting a fun-filled event for all the design enthusiast out there. There will be some games, exercises and lots of design-related nerdy talks and discussions. And of course, some goodies for the participants. It doesn’t matter if you are a designer, a developer or a PM, for as long as you understand the work designers do, you are most welcome! Come join us at Shamol Bangla Resort for the Dribbble Meetup!

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