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Who’s going? 13 attendees

  1. Susan Bertocchi
  2. Nicole Warshauer
  3. Lisa McCormick
  4. Sarah Gitersonke
  5. Debbie Baer
  6. Judith Mayer
  7. Caitlin Hottinger
  8. Sara Bang
  9. gizmodesign
  10. Emily Alexis Santos
  11. Sofia Eddy
  12. Nate Pence
  13. wendy scofield

Where is it?

Spool Marketing and Communications
909 Davis Street, Suite 500
Suite 500
Evanston, Illinois 60201
United States

Meetup Details

Spool is excited to host a design happy hour, welcome to the Dribble community. Spool is a unique agency that leverages a network of experts (creatives, strategists, etc.) to come together based on client needs. Spool is currently looking to expand our designer network but also eager to meet and connect with this community. We’ll be providing beer, wine, soda and snacks.