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Who’s going? 3 attendees

  1. vannelope
  2. Shweta Sharma
  3. Maria Paulina Arenas

Where is it?

Carrera 43 A N 1 - 50
San Fernando Plaza, Torre 3, Piso 5 - 501
Medellín, Antioquia 050021
Dribbble MDE

This is a place of encounter for Graphic Designers, Visual Designers, User Interface Designers and all people that would be interest in knowing more about design processes.

Let´s talk about our design tools (Illustrator, Photoshop, Affinity, InVision, Sketch, Figma, Framer … among others). Let´s learn about technics and the creative process on the development of projects. And of course, let´s create our own Shots to share on Dribbble.