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Who’s going? 8 attendees

  1. Dinesh Danny
  2. INiyan Anbu
  3. Ashik Sivakumar
  4. Tilson Cyril
  5. Vignesh Manikandan
  6. Abhilash Ramadasan
  7. Sandeep Salmon
  8. Reon Saji

Where is it?

St.Joseph's College of Engineering and Technology, Palai
SJCET Palai, Choondacherry
Kottayam, Kerala, India
Palai, Kerala 686571

Meetup Details

A dedicated full-day workshop for those talented & aspiring designers on how to build a portfolio and a wonderful career in design. Speaker will be sharing best practices that helped him launch a wonderful career and the workshop will also focus on young budding entrepreneurs in helping them build a strong online presence for their brands. . Attendees will receive goodies as well as a starter kit to get started building their dream career/brand. .