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Who’s going? 11 attendees

  1. Tonima Jahan
  2. Karan Raj Kohli
  3. Ana Gomes
  4. Rui Melo
  5. Sinnah Koroma
  6. Eugen B.
  7. Ryan Bollenbach
  8. Luiza Almeida Baptista
  9. Yiwen Zhai (Evan)
  10. Aline Paffaro
  11. Rita Viana

Where is it?

Swish Co Create
703 Corydon Avenue
Unit 4 (upstairs)
Winnipeg, Manitoba r3n1n6

Meetup Details

New Date: September 7th. Update your calendars.

Finally, the design meetup we have all been waiting is coming to Winnipeg: Dribble Meetup!

Calling all designers and illustrators to network, mingle, draw and have a great time.

The venue is the newest co-working space in town in the middle of Corydon Avenue, Swish Co-create. It’s bright and beautiful, just like our city.

You’re more than welcome to bring your work and/or business cards. Meetup starts at 2PM.

We hope you’ll join us for a chance to meet other creatives and have fun!

You can also rsvp via facebook