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Who’s going? 5 attendees

  1. Olayanju Idris
  2. samuel sabastine
  3. Gift isaac
  4. Ikechukwu
  5. Adekunbi Yusuf

Where is it?

Ken Saro-Wiwa Innovation Hub, Port Harcourt
#22 Aggrey Road, Port Harcourt,
Port Harcourt, Rivers State 500242

Meetup Details

Port Harcourt Design week is a festival featuring a week-long series of exhibitions, events and activities that seeks to promote and celebrate design heritage and contemporary design scene. we’ll bring together designers, creative thinkers & entrepreneurs to learn, share ideas, mingle, there will also be inspiring talks from seasoned designers, design discussions about design practices, career growth, how to design inclusively and lots more.

What are we cooking?

We will be having talks by amazing designers from Jumia, Facebook and Google. There will be portfolio review, project demo, games, food & drinks, panel discussions and lots of swags.