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Who’s going? 58 attendees

  1. Maggie Bignell
  2. Jon Whitmire
  3. Dawn Bender
  4. Ryan M. Weisgerber
  5. April Brimer
  6. Charlene Straw
  7. Studio Bianca
  8. Yvonne
  9. Vane Palacio
  10. Brian Devine
  11. Ben Aldred
  12. Jordan Hall
  13. Keith Rodri
  14. Rachel Frankel
  15. Becca Pierpoint
  16. Anna Christina Gray
  17. mJordan Brady
  18. Raelyn Thompson
  19. Tyler Young
  20. Marc Girouard
  21. Nicole Bittner
  22. Romeo Salazar
  23. Justin Moran
  24. Lauro Silva

Where is it?

Ecotrust Rooftop Terrace
721 NW 9th Ave
Portland, OR 97209
Portland Dribbble Meetup

Hey, Portland Dribblers! MetaLab is hosting a local Dribbble meet-up and we’d love to see you there! You’ll meet our Portland design team, connect with other local creative folks, and sip on a few craft beers. Did we mention the exclusive swag? RSVP now to get your name on the list.