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  1. Gabe Will
  2. Jason Caylor
  3. Danielle Halpern
  4. Brian Jackson
  5. Tracie
  6. Roy Handy
  7. Ashe Thomson
  8. Ash Bhimasani
  9. May Williams
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  23. Carly Singer
  24. Summer Hennings

Where is it?

Rhyme & Reason Design
746 Willoughby Way NE
The Rooftop
Atlanta, GA 30312
United States

We’re inviting the Atlanta creative community to join us on the rooftop again for our fourth annual Dribbble Meetup! This year’s theme celebrates all things travel, so come ready to swap stories about your summer abroad and plan your next passport stamp amongst design pals both old and new!

Choose your own adventure: Since parking is limited, rideshare is always recommended. Or, if you’re up for a BeltLine stroll, we’re right behind the O4W skate park! Woo #BeltLineLiving

If you do opt to drive, please refrain from using the reserved spots at our building and go for street parking instead. PRO TIP the street parking in front of the building is limited to one side, so watch out for the no-parking signs. We don’t like to see our friends get tickets <3

Once you’ve made it to your destination (AKA the Willoughby Building), hop in the elevator and ride it all the way to the top. We will put up some snazzy signage to help direct you, or simply let the music and smell of pizza guide your way. Sometimes it’s about the journey and not the destination, right? Though we can pretty much guarantee that this destination will be a good one, so wander on over! :)

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out: