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  1. Lauren Chamblin
  2. Carly Singer
  3. Summer Hennings
  4. Thessalonia Thomas
  5. Shannon Madden
  6. Jennifer Catalan
  7. Carrie Sullivan Cloud
  8. Jai Mone't
  9. Justin Neely
  10. Jordan Jung
  11. Kristie Joy Feltner
  12. Carlos R Andujar
  13. Bryan Lewis
  14. Justin Samuels
  15. Jason B. Russell
  16. Walker Carney
  17. Crystal Petersen
  18. Deshaun Thomas
  19. Alex Nicolai
  20. Russell Babb
  21. Nick Morrison
  22. Branden Thornton 🤯
  23. Poeuth Pann
  24. Terry Allen

Where is it?

Rhyme & Reason Design
746 Willoughby Way NE
The Rooftop
Atlanta, GA 30312
United States
Atlanta Dribbble Meetup

We’re inviting the Atlanta creative community to join us on the rooftop again for our fourth annual Dribbble Meetup! This year’s theme celebrates all things travel, so come ready to swap stories about your summer abroad and plan your next passport stamp amongst design pals both old and new!