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  1. Linevoy
  2. Tia Hapner
  3. Sarah Otte
  4. Megan McNames
  5. Scott Soltys-Curry
  6. Sheetal
  7. Marie Williams
  8. Danielle Kane
  9. Poppe

Where is it?

TubeFactory ArtSpace
1125 S. Cruft St.
Indianapolis, IN 46203
United States

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Help us kickoff a week of diverse events – casual, workshops, lectures, and beyond – exploring design, igniting relationships, and push boundaries of a more creative Indy.

All Indianapolis area creatives are welcome!

On the docket:

  • Tour of the Bauhaus Exhibit
  • Meet the Chickens!
  • Outdoor Games
  • Good Old Fashioned Networking
  • Swagggg

Plenty of parking is available around the space.

Learn more about Indy Design week at