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Who’s going? 13 attendees

  1. Enrico Casale
  2. Ani Manukyan
  3. Vito Iorio
  4. Vincentiu Solomon
  5. Tina Bonis
  6. Manuel D'Antimi
  7. Kate Buke
  8. Paolo
  9. Martin Milizia
  10. Gianmarco Pacco
  11. Susana Mora
  12. Pietro Gregorini
  13. MatinaDim

Where is it?

Talent Garden Poste Italiane
Via Giuseppe Andreoli 9
Talent Garden Poste Italiane
Roma, Rm 00195

Meetup Details

Talent Garden Poste Italiane is excited to host the first Rome Dribbble Meetup. Talent Garden hosts a community of startups and digital innovation professionals specialized in communication and web marketing sectors. Come and enjoy an evening of learning, networking, extensive design-based chatting, and free pizza+beer. We can’t wait to meet you! Don’t forget to bring your portfolio if you want to share your work.

Doors open at 6.30 pm, Meetup starts at 7 pm. Hope you’ll join us for the chance of meeting other creatives in Rome, get to know about us, and generally just have fun!