Attending this meetup?

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Who’s going? 20 attendees

  1. Sean McCarthy
  2. Ashton Spann
  3. Kyle Brinker
  4. Hannah Ahern
  5. Joel Leineweber
  6. Lauren Lauzau
  7. Adam Hodge
  8. Perry
  9. Matt Hoffman
  10. Tiko Nelson
  11. Kati Best
  12. Jeriah Houghton
  13. Andrea Baker
  14. Jenn Reed
  15. Matt Hernandez
  16. Bailey Miller
  17. Haley Biel Moore
  18. Kendyl Adams
  19. Beau Heubach
  20. Alyson Sherrard

Where is it?

708 Walnut St
Suite 500
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Cincinnati Dribbble Meetup

Join us in Cincinnati, Ohio, on February 20th for Gaslight’s first Dribble meetup. Hang out with fellow designers/creatives, eat pizza, and play some games. There might even be some foosball involved.

Optional Shot Contest: Create a design using one of the Cincinnati landmarks as a theme. Post a rebound before the event to Meetup Shot. The top three designs will win a prize!


  • Meet and Greet with Pizza
  • Short Design Talk
  • Group Design Exercise
  • Hang Out and Talk Shop

We’ll start right at 6pm. To find the office go into the door to the right of 708 Walnut as you are facing the building. We are on the 5th floor. We look forward to getting to know other creatives and having an awesome time.