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Who’s going? 50 attendees

  1. Allison Tylek
  2. Parker McCullough
  3. Anna Weddle
  4. Sarah Otte
  5. Russell Mikesell
  6. Rich Whitney
  7. Case Calvert
  8. Zack Marsh
  9. Jeremiah Steiner
  10. Sean Chen
  11. Amy C.
  12. Lucas Tetrault
  13. Megan Carrell
  14. Kailee Koehler
  15. Brittany Swain 👋
  16. Elmar Reyes
  17. Poppe
  18. Tia Hapner
  19. Rachana
  20. Jess Bradway
  21. Charlee (Walker) Alexeev
  22. Deborah Hayward
  23. Emma DePrez
  24. Ashleigh Lay

Where is it?

Lodge Design
5933 E. Washington Street.
Indianapolis, IN 46219

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Lodge Design is jazzed to host the first Indy Design Week Dribbble Meatup. Help us kickoff a week of diverse events – casual, workshops, lectures, and beyond – exploring design, igniting relationships, and push boundaries of a more creative Indy.

Indianapolis area creatives are welcome!

On the docket:

  • Make Friends! - Networking is a weird word, let’s get to know each other.
  • VIP Studio Tour - We promise it’ll last longer than you want it to. ;)
  • Let’s Share! - Have a project your proud of? Or one that is driving you crazy? Bring it and let’s talk about it!
  • Swaggggggg
  • More fun to come!

Doors will open at 6, but we won’t get started until around 6:30. Parking is available around the building.