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Who’s going? 18 attendees

  1. David Hutten
  2. Simon Lin
  3. 水口めぐみ
  5. Meng To
  6. zikun chen
  7. Lahad GUEYE
  8. Shakthi Prasad
  10. Tom
  11. Martyn J
  12. Riccardo Parenti
  13. Oyunbold Baynsan
  14. Yoshiki Schmitz
  15. mushroomallow
  16. hoshility
  17. shen
  18. Carlos Han

Where is it?

Ashi Teishoku & Diner
2-6-5 Komagata, Taitō, Tokyo 111-0043
2-6-5 Komagata, Taitō, Tokyo 111-0043
taitouku, Tokyo 111-0043
Tokyo Dribbble May Meetup

Get together with fellow designers from around Tokyo!

We can have a drink and snacks and talk about different areas of design, show off work and network. This will be our second meet-up of 2018. The first meet-up was a lot of fun.

Come out, mingle, meet your colleagues and have fun. Both Dribblers and prospects are welcome!