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Meetup closed

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Who’s going? 20 attendees

  1. Luka Mlakar
  2. Jaka Jejcic
  4. Sindy Strife
  5. Romina Kavcic
  6. Martin Hudobivnik
  7. Mihael Hribar
  8. Darjan Hren
  9. Zan Lazarevic
  10. Jaka Šmid
  11. Leon Orsa
  12. Marko P
  13. Rok Horvat
  14. Petar Percic
  15. Kamino
  16. Marko Balažic
  17. Marko Vuletič
  18. Bojan Semén

Where is it?

Cin Cin
Trzaska cesta 2
Ljubljana, Slovenia 1000

Geolocation provided by OpenStreetMap.

This meetup is all about meeting other dribbble creatives. Hosted by the good folks at Kamino Mobile.

It’s an informal event and it’s open to anyone who’s interested in design. Developers, Project Managers, and Founders are all welcome!

What to expect?

  • Talking

  • Mingling

  • Bragging about your design skills

  • Much sticker, such swag

No workshops, no lectures, just good people talking about design over burgers and beer.

Bring your cats, dogs, bring yourself, but leave grandma at home!

Hope to see you there!