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Who’s going? 65 attendees

Where is it?

Ellation's House
Strada Eugen Doga 2, Chișinău, Moldova
Chisinau, Chisinau MD2012

Meetup Details

Hey people!

[Update] For some of you that were expecting the meetup in April, we had to move it till May, (sorry for that) but finally, the week has come!

This time FloAgency is calling all designers to gather together in a casual —no presentations, we promise— meetup. Yet, this casual event isn’t either a 5-people-coffee-meetup.

By walking the talk, we thought the most important factor to start enriching this community is to ASK the community what is interested in. We want to get insights on what’s the direction to take for further meetups. We don’t want non-sense talks, everyone’s too busy for that :D the point is to have fun, to help each other and exchange challenges, ideas and inspiration, isn’t it?

So if you’re in for getting along with the rest of the community, to visit the (really) nice offices of our friends at Ellation, and to shape the next agenda, please just confirm and join us.

We’ll discuss these ideas on Thursday, and to define what’s the best format, the frequency of the meetups. and of course, guests and external people we should bring in future events. See the list here:

Chisinau Dribbble Meetups, Facebook Group:

See you on Thursday, we start at 19:00. FloAgency Team