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Who’s going? 15 attendees

  1. Masashi Hikita
  2. Hiro Yamada
  4. moro
  5. Carlos Han
  6. Hilotaka Iwanami
  7. shen
  8. Lee 'Cloud' Gibbons
  9. Oyunbold Baynsan
  10. Nob Nukui
  11. Lessa Chung
  12. Chiyun Yeh
  13. Pierre Babin
  14. Haruka Mashiko
  15. Matthew Moss

Where is it?

2-6-5 Komagata, Taitō, Tokyo 111-0043
taitouku, Tokyo 111-0043
Tokyo Dribble Meet Up 3/14/2018 7:30~

Come join your fellow designers in Tokyo for a Dribble Meetup! International designers– exchange info, network, chat, talk about your work, learn what your fellow designers are doing!


  1. UI / UX Design

  2. Mobile Design

  3. Illustration

  4. Print & Web Design

and more!

Meet your peers! Make new connections. Have a drink and something to eat at Ashi Teishoku & Diner. It’s a warm cozy spot, space is limited– please RSVP.