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Who’s going? 74 attendees

  1. Roy Montemayor
  2. Maggi Voong
  3. shilpa
  4. Brian J Sherman
  5. Ronnie Montoya
  6. Mike Godlewski
  7. Brandon Matlock
  8. Angela Wan
  9. Chloe Madison
  10. Albert L
  11. Meritt Thomas
  12. Christine Tapawan
  13. Derek Bender
  14. Lorine Colas
  15. jarodchon
  16. Kate Steinmeyer
  17. Jessica Ma
  18. James D. LaCroix
  19. Moe Elsheikh
  20. Caleb Zeringue
  21. Alejandro Vizio
  22. Olga Bolshchikova
  23. Christian Jeria
  24. Pasta Nick

Where is it?

Brandcast HQ
842 Folsom Street
San Francisco, California 94107
United States

Meetup Details

At this Meetup, you’ll learn about the emergence of code-free web design tools and how they are being used today by designers to build professional—and completely custom—digital experiences. The Brandcast team will give a product demo, showcase how New York Fashion Week is utilizing the technology, and go over some exciting designer career opportunities. The rest of the evening will be devoted to conversation, drinks, and design time!