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  1. Evane Williams
  2. Tatiana Rice
  3. Dustin Ledo
  4. Jeff Portaro
  5. Corey Daniels
  6. Danny Florián
  7. Devin Smith
  8. Brad Thomas
  9. huntgather. (Chris Richardson)
  10. Dominique Prescott
  11. Madeline Hodge
  12. Chris Rodgers
  13. Drew Burdick
  14. Adam Iscrupe
  15. Austin Light
  16. Erin Doerflinger
  17. Brandon Reese
  18. Vanessa
  19. Jeffrey Zie
  20. Stephen Philpott
  21. Lane Fayssoux
  22. Ellery Vallier
  23. John McFarland
  24. Leisha Scallan

Where is it?

550 S. Caldwell St, Floor 17, Charlotte, NC 28202

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Come join us for an evening to mingle, connect, and talk design with some of Charlotte’s top design professionals. It will be hosted at Levvel’s office where we will provide food, drinks, and a gorgeous view of Charlotte’s skyline.

This meetup we will be having Joey Ellis discussing the various highs (wins) and lows (losses) of running his own shop over the past six years. What were the risks he knew he’d face? What were the hidden pitfalls he didn’t anticipate? So many mysteries, yet so little time.

Please make sure you RSVP in order to get into the building.

See ya there!