Meetup closed

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Who’s going? 24 attendees

  1. Brianna Clark
  2. Daniel Cho
  3. Sean May
  4. Ashley Opie
  5. Allen Pieper
  6. tasha
  7. Ryan Krueger
  8. Katiana Montenegro
  9. Shea Michals
  10. Sagar Salvi
  11. Brishen Vanderkolk
  12. Brant Hughes
  13. Tyler Henke
  14. Scott DeRuby
  15. Alex Mourer
  16. MSG317
  17. Eric Nyberg
  18. Seth Richardson
  19. Rohit Jesudian
  20. Sarah Fries
  21. Ron Bronson
  22. Lauren Edison
  23. Naomi Maria Szczesiul Coale

Where is it?

Thirsty Scholar
111 E 16th St #101, Indianapolis, IN 46202

Meetup Details

Join us for an opportunity to meet fellow designers throughout Indy and regionally, as we convene the city’s first Dribbble meetup of 2017. This first meetup of the year will be focused on introducing ourselves to oldies and newbies in the scene and to plot a gameplan for future activities. We’ll have a guest speaker from Indiana Design Week and how we can all get involved.