Cinesampler Icons

February 07, 2018

Here are a few icon concepts for the Cinesampler app. We ended up going with the one on the right. See attached for some fun closeups đź‘€


February 06, 2018

Here's a look at the settings for the Cinesampler app. The flyout menu would change slightly if you're authenticated. Not 100% sure if all of these settings are necessary, but lots of times I give clients the pattern of what's possible...

More Cowbell

February 05, 2018

Smaller instance of the Cinesampler app plus the final icon design for the dock. đź‘Ť

Cinesampler Default View

February 01, 2018

This is the default view after downloading the Cinesampler app. Feature section, simple instructions up top to get started.

Cinesampler – Music app

February 01, 2018

This was a really fun project. It's a Mac app for composers (will also be cross platform) that lets you stream professionally recorded instrument samples to your computer for testing with your MIDI keyboard. This view shows 6 instrument...