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by Max Rudberg

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I am zlatan

I Am Zlatan

Official iPad icon for Zlatan Ibrahimović biography app. Made for Bonnier R&D. App is published by Albert Bonniers Förlag. Photo of Zlatan by Eric Brom...

February 17, 2012

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Darkroom Film Development Icon

This is an icon I made for a friend in 2008. The app would have had similar functionality to Hipstamatic or Instagram, but was never finished. The icon was m...

July 31, 2011

Untitled 1


I figured I'd post this since it seemed quite similar to Nik's icon. I made this for RipDev's icy. Icy still exists, but is no longer made by RipDev.

July 28, 2011


Virtual Joystick

A concept that was never picked up by the client. Meant as an icon for a news source focused on iPhone gaming, the icon communicates the touch aspect.

May 16, 2011