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    Max Rudberg
    Commented on iOS App Icon Template 3.0

    @Gedeon Maheux Great input, thanks! Will look into those, I think I have a few either fixed locally or already updated on the site but will double check and fix asap.

    Update: Yes, I had them fixed locally but just to be safe I made all slices be vector shapes with the correct sizes. I also added an explicit 1024x1024 size of the Apple Watch icon.

    I was able to reduce the hierarchy by one level, but I'd still recommending using the V-tool and cmd-clicking the icon you want to work on to expand the folders for you. If I'd reduce the hierarchy any further, Slicy would pick up the masked shape of the icons rather than the squared original.

    Grab 3.0.7 on and let me know what you think.

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    Dribbbled Check!
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