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  1. 8 Mar Max Rudberg Commented on Meal Plan App Icon Redux by Max Rudberg for Filibaba

    I see where you're coming from, but the icon has to live in an iOS-world so my goal was always to try and marry an icon with depth with the flat aesthetics Apple has adopted. By keeping the shading very subtle, the icon is easily perceived as a flat glyph. The lack of definition at the top of the rim is part of this, as I intended it to blend with the background.

    Here's how the refined icon looks on the home screen:

  2. 6 Mar Max Rudberg Commented on Meal Plan App Icon by Max Rudberg for Filibaba

    @Eli Schiff & @Keir Ansell Thanks for the feedback! I had considered it and I will again now. My dilemma is that in the app, the bowl is shown with steam, and by having the insides 100% white I felt it left room to imagine there being a dish in it even though you cannot see it. But that is probably overthinking it ;P

  3. 21 Feb Max Rudberg Commented on Travel Mode by Max Rudberg for Bontouch

    @Fredrik Andresen yes, this is live. If you use the app with a purchased ticket, it will become available 24 hours before departure.

  4. 21 Feb Max Rudberg Dribbbled Travel Mode
  5. 14 Feb Max Rudberg Commented on Official 'The LEGO® Batman Movie' Sticker Pack by Iconfactory

    These are great. Keep up the fantastic work!

  6. 13 Feb Max Rudberg Added Travel App Animation to the Travel bucket.
  7. 9 Feb Max Rudberg Added Remix your summer to the Food & Drink bucket.