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Dcovery Featured

A very simple visual I made for the launch. It's what's been used by Apple on the App Store. See iTunes capture → Download Dcovery Read more about Dcovery

December 31, 2012

Gesture coachmark

Here's one of the coachmarks users see when they first get in the app. This particular ones shows the gesture to trigger the Taxi Mode (ie. put the phone in ...

December 22, 2012

Create Account

Here's the account creation form on the iPhone 5. On 3.5" devices, these are separated into two steps (First + Last name, then Email + Password), given the ...

December 21, 2012

Add cities

Easily and quickly search for places, and add new cities from the left menu. Instead of having to scroll a long and boring list of all the cities in the worl...

December 20, 2012

Local time & weather

Dcovery shows you the local time and weather in each of the cities you've added. It's super handy when you travel. The pull-to-weather is @MattBellemare's w...

December 20, 2012