Milkman Sound by Max Schwartz

Milkman Sound is a branding project for my friend, Tim, who is making beautiful, creamy guitar and pedal steel amplifiers.

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Milkman Sound Homepage

March 09, 2015

New homepage design in the works for Milkman Sound guitar amplifiers. Any feedback is welcome.

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Milkman Sound Half & Half Amplifier

January 27, 2015

300 watt amp logo for my friend, Tim, at Milkman Sound. While most of his amps are 100% tube, this one features a tube preamp and 300 watt solid state power amp (half & half) for pedal steel and bass players, although it still sounds...


50 Watt Sideman

December 23, 2012

Badge for the new Sideman amplifier by Milkman Sound. A dual channel 50watt amp that works great for both guitar and pedal steel players. An amp for professionals, built for the road.

Dual Channel Reverb

December 23, 2012

Reverb emblem for a new Milkman Sound amplifier Faceplate. I love designing for amps!


Milkman Backplate

December 12, 2012

Backplate design for my friend Tim at Milkman Sound. High Voltages make creamy sounds!


Milkman Sound

May 22, 2011

This is a design for a friend who wanted a logo for his new tube amplifier company here in San Francisco. He's specializing in pedal steel guitar amplifiers made of high quality NOS vintage components.