From a young age I was always interested in design and spent a lot of my free time working on crafts. When I went to college for my bachelor's degree, I pursued a career in music business. I didn't know about graphic design back then. When I graduated the music industry was no longer a career option for me. I accepted a job at a media company and after a few years I knew I wanted a career change. I went back to school to study web design. After two years playing with code and learning HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and PHP, I decided to pursue graphic design for web, I truly enjoyed learning everything about design. I took on a few freelance clients after graduation and some of those projects are on display in my portfolio work. 

As a designer my main interest is to utilize user research & results that have been collected and start from there to create clean, engaging, visual experiences for the consumer. I am also not afraid of a little code. But my true passion is improving the user experience through designing

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