Spaced logo dribbble

SPACED Logo Smooth Animation

February 16, 2018

Hello Dribbblers 🏀 Today I'm sharing with you guys this simple logo animation I designed for my #SPACEDchallenge homepage design entry. As you can see, the logo is really simple. Basically all I did to customize it was to remove that o...


Parallax scrolling experiment

February 12, 2018

Hey everybody, I'm trying to experiment with this new parallax scrolling effect I designed & code. As you may know from my previous shots, I participated in #SPACEDchallenge that @Dann Petty hosted. So, for those wondering, that's t...

Spaced final

Entry for SPACED challenge

February 11, 2018

Hey everyone, It's been 10 days since I uploaded my first shot for #SPACEDchallenge hosted by @Dann Petty . I decided to participate not only because I'd love to win a MacBook Pro but because this is an opportunity for me to show what ...

Almost done #SPACEDchallenge

February 11, 2018

Hey everyone, I'm almost finished with my entry for #SPACEDchallenge hosted by @Dann Petty . Almost. For this particular shot I tried many styles & designs. At last I ended up with something completely different than my original id...


SPACED Teaser Pageload

February 01, 2018

Hello everybody, This is my first teaser shot for the SPACED challenge hosted by @Dann Petty . You can win a MacBook Pro if you design a Logo/Branding, Homepage or an App for SPACED. Pretty cool, huh? Here's the video explaining how yo...