C70df46cf3a93c9187deeda319c30c1a Avengers' Day Off

by Matt Kaufenberg

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Iron mans day off

Iron Man's Day Off

Tony's favorite snack.

May 22, 2012

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Hulk's Day Off

As kid, after watching the live-action Hulk tv show, I would run around the house growling loudly, "I'm the incredible Huuuuulk!" and then proceed to try and...

May 18, 2012

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Agent coulson

Agent Coulson's Day Off

What Agent Phil Coulson does on his day off... Full view attached.

May 09, 2012

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Thors day off

Thor's Day Off

The first in a new series based on what the Avengers do on their day off.

May 08, 2012

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