Watson is responding

AI chatbot is responding…

May 02, 2018

We’re working on the final details, patterns, and interactions for the IBM Watson Support Chat experience. Given the complexity of the needed response, this animation will appear for the respective amount of time before Watson responds t...

Shirt Tag

February 03, 2018

A small lockup for the back-top-center of some shirts we’re printing next week in the Make Lab 🎉 Washing instructions included: wash cold, don’t bleach, tumble dry, iron

Tool belt prototype


February 02, 2018

I had the amazing opportunity to work with a nimble team of great software engineers on a web application to bring the best-in-class tools to IBM for daily use. This program was known as Whitewater within IBM, and our app was an access a...

Monocle duo

Monocle Reimagined

January 19, 2018

@Patrick Lowden, and the Systems team at IBM, had a really successful launch last year. So much so, that it was a highlight of The Loop, a film made about IBM Design from Invision. This is an exploration of a couple of their product vie...

IBM Makes: Events

January 18, 2018

We’re rapidly approaching the end of January which is our go-live date for the IBM Makes site to coincide with IBM’s next Variable magazine. I’ve been posting snippets of my design-in-browser progress on twitter, and we’ve just finalized...


April 13, 2017

Something fun for our 100th team dribbble shot! 🏀

IBM Agile experience—Teams, Learning, Tools

March 08, 2017

The first portion of our IBM Agile experience—an ambitious goal to equip teams at large enterprises with the means to use the tools they want, learn how to successfully practice various Agile, Design Thinking, and Continuous Delivery met...

IBM Agile Practices

February 03, 2017

At IBM, we're building a few products to help teams be better teams. One of those products is a learning experience, filled with Agile and Continuous Delivery practices. Each practice card has a title, tiny description, and topic labels....