Intercom product icons

October 08, 2019

Some primary level iconography for Intercom’s global product platform. These are about a year old or so but I like them. They may also phase out soon enough so I thought I’d post them.


December 08, 2016

Solidifying a brand language with iconography, color, and subtle photographic styling. View the whole case study here →

Trace dribbble fistbump

Fist Bump

December 08, 2016

Yesterday we published a new case study. Enter Trace. Trace is a collaborative educational platform provided by SCAD. Twin Forrest partnered on strategy, naming, identity, collateral, and the full online experience. (Thanks to @Matthew...



September 15, 2016

I put together a collection of hand emojis that live in a greater context of a site launching very soooon. Even made a few into Slack emojis. 👍 View the whole case study:

Salon Stuff

May 04, 2016

Unused set of salon imagery.

How It Works

February 26, 2016

Pushing through a How It Works page. Icons are helping illustrate the style function of the page. Stoked to release more of this brand in the coming weeks.

background pattern

August 25, 2014

Made this pattern for the background of a birthday-related portion of the new JibJab site. Partay! Created with the Focus Lab team

File types

July 08, 2014

yo girl I heard you like file types. Created with the Focus Lab team

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