1. A new kind of tennis racket tennis food texturing water lemon sport wrapping render product visualization 3d c4d
    A new kind of tennis racket
  2. R r bold fonts bold font typedesign typography type design
  3. Sunlight☀️ modelling canister 3d design rendering typography lighting chappa typeface product visualization interior cinema 4d 3d render c4d
  4. Interactive Operation Manual for a Vehicle editorial layout corporative buttons manual hierarchy type typography operation manual ui interactive design navigation design editorial design editorial
    Interactive Operation Manual for a Vehicle
  5. Funnel and Balls bouncing ball cinema 4d cinema4d 3d animation animation collision soft body balls funnel hard soft dynamics dynamic copper glass 3d render motion c4d
    Funnel and Balls
  6. Newspaper – 3D visualization (Work in Progress 🤔) news typography periodico print diseño editorial diario shading texturing cinema 4d render displacement editorial design newspaper modeling rendering c4d 3d
    Newspaper – 3D visualization (Work in Progress 🤔)
  7. Motion Graphic motion graphic bubbles render c4d motion
    Motion Graphic
  8. • aniamcion motion after effects animation metaball 2d grain after effects cinema 4d c4d
  9. Experimento 3D render motion c4d
    Experimento 3D
  10. Experimento 3D transparent refraction reflections cube motion soft body dynamics cinema 4d c4d bubbles bubble
    Experimento 3D
  11. Squirrel logo lineal simple minimal icono ardilla animal squirrel icon
  12. Kangaroo Icon minimalism simple minimal icon design lineal canguro icono logo animal kangaroo icon
    Kangaroo Icon
  13. Poster Animado coldplay type typogrphy akzidenz akzidenz grotesk moving poster animated poster motion poster
    Poster Animado
  14. Ojo animacion motion lineal lines motion graphics black and white ojo eye
  15. T – Neon wall light c4d render 3d neon
    T – Neon
  16. I – Neon wall light c4d render 3d neon
    I – Neon
  17. Visual grid vj after effects visual
  18. Coldplay Poster music typography coldplay poster
    Coldplay Poster
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