Food Type by Danielle Evans

Type explored through the temporary magic of food. Good smells are a plus. *Thanks to the Dribbble community for front page status on French Press!

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Ice Queen

April 26, 2017

Grew some rocks for a passion project with photographer extraordinaire, Nick Fancher. Check out the rest of the set on my site.

Shut Your Pie Hole Food Type

December 01, 2016

What are we saying with our work? Does it mean anything other than a click-worthy image? I've made my share of humble pies, eaten them too, but after 2016's dumpster fire, I think we can do better than pretty pictures. If you're not in...

Flaming misogynist

Flaming Hot Misogynist

October 19, 2016

Donald Trump, flaming misogynist and cheeto, inspired this hot take. Can you handle the burn, or will I feel you smoldering? Regardless of your swing, we can still be friends, otherwise enjoy this snackable gif during the remaining deb...

Conde nast brand smaller

Branded Food Type Case Study

July 14, 2016

Nothing like the searing epiphany of a rare lettering opportunity. Condé Nast envisioned a rustic steak headline for a foodie glossary web campaign, and I was thrilled to accommodate. I don't recommend striking while the iron is hot *bef...

Conde nast eat your words dribbble

Eat Your Words Food Type

July 12, 2016

Condé Nast wanted to educate consumers on buzzword-heavy foodie practices and asked me to visually elaborate. Tea, produce, even steak expound while pounded into tasty lettering. See the whole project on my site.

Ramadan Kareem!

June 16, 2016

I'm not Islamic, but I wanted to honor Ramadan layers of intention and complexity. People generally fast during daylight hours, only eating once the sun sets. With this in mind, I felt the absence of food was paramount to the idea, crumb...

Sxsw announcement bite club dribbble

SXSW Bite Club Food Type

March 23, 2016

I'm snap cheesing! I made this double patty set of gifs to announce my food type installation at SXSW. I documented the build and interaction at FYI's Bite Club. Join me for food type fails and behind the scenes at m-bleue. I'll be post...

Love On Leek #vdaywordplay

February 09, 2016

Have you ever freaked a leek? Probably not like this, anyway. Veggies need love too, and so do you this Valentine's Day. Tag your corniest, your cutest, your cleverest valentines via #vdaywordplay on Instagram. I'll send you one of min...