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  1. Type explored through the temporary magic of food. Good smells are a plus. *Thanks to the Dribbble community for front page status on French Press!
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    Updated December 01, 2016
    1. A love letter to Tina Fey's Mean Girls by myself, Shauna Pancyzszyn, and guest Plastics.
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      Updated October 03, 2016
      1. Retouching the lives of small children everywhere with the lumpy face of Danielle Evans.
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        Updated September 17, 2015
        1. Cooking up a Valentine for a prospective client. I plan on hand delivering this bespoke envelope and card on the holiday with a secret surprise.
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          Updated February 12, 2013
          1. This piece has become surprisingly therapeutic, which reminds me that one can believe anything if left looking at it long enough.
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            Updated January 22, 2013
            1. A gentle nod to papel picado for the Day of the Dead. All hand rendered and hand cut (2.5 exacto blades later).
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              Updated November 13, 2012