Awesome astro 01

Awesome Astro

December 01, 2016

See attached MP4 for the full sequence (51 sec). Made this for fun while exploring chart celebratory animations. Song: Prototyp3 - pumpkin spice latte

Capital cities bgd tiger

Capital Cities animated album art

September 17, 2015

Capital Cities played at our 2015 Dreamforce Design Party! I was asked to animate their, 'In a Tidal Wave of Mystery' album art so it can be projected in the back of them while they played. So I put this together a couple of days prior t...

Salesforce clouds

The Cloud

June 16, 2015

These colors represent all of the areas (clouds) at Salesforce. MP4 attached... it's at 60fps, so a little smoother. Music Rilla Force - Rain

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App package

[GIF] Box Icon

October 09, 2013

Was inspired to animate Thanh's 'Box Icon' because it told a mini-story, plus I love AFX.


September 28, 2013

Just a doodle at my desk at work.