Another Badge Bites The Dust

September 07, 2018

Another idea for the anniversary badge I made for my friends at anynines, this time based on the invitation design I done a while ago. Full pixels for full glory. — Need help with your design? Get in touch!

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Tenth Anniversary Club

September 05, 2018

As I mentioned before, my friends are soon going to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the founding of their company and I had the pleasure of doing some design work for them for that occasion. Here's one of the badge / sticker ideas I ...


August 08, 2018

I'm a big fan of vintage-looking, tattoo-inspired illustration, and I draw those every once in a while. My first time publishing one, though, because I'm not any good at them. Thought I'll upload one to maybe get some feedback from peopl...


September 12, 2017

Just trying something new for a change, because comfort zones are overrated. — Got design woes that need to be solved? Hit me up!


August 30, 2016

A while ago I decided to work on my illustration skills, cause I kinda suck, so I drew a thing yesterday. Feedback most welcome, especially since I am just getting started at this thing. Twitter • Behance


June 16, 2015

This poor guy has gone missing, if you see him, please call the toll free number 0-800-404-404. –– Illustration done for a 404 page. Twitter • Behance


February 16, 2013

Still playing around with vintage looking type and colors. This time going straight for grungy mural look. ;) Feedback welcome. @2x available. Full pixels in the attachment. Twitter this way.