1. Adopt a Pup mobile adoption modern affinitydesigner figma login colorful dailyui concept dog design ui app
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    Adopt a Pup
  2. The Weather Channel Redesign weather weather channel redesign minimal ui gallery map homepage site
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    The Weather Channel Redesign
  3. Flat PSD Browser flat psd browser freebie download chrome minimal
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    Flat PSD Browser
  4. Songs and Goats Playlist music playlist player minimal personal wip unsplash
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    Songs and Goats Playlist
  5. Surprise Me app food recipe ios ios7 leftovers wip filter results
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    Surprise Me
  6. As Sagmeister said... sagmeister quote photo blur background phrase
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    As Sagmeister said...
  7. Login Form login minimal flat
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    Login Form
  8. Recipe [wip] app food leftovers recipe wip ios ios7
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    Recipe [wip]
  9. Profile profile menu notification
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  10. Eu Me Protejo Logo logo logotype cursor color rainbow positive negative positive-negative icon protection
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    Eu Me Protejo Logo
  11. Share Buttons ui clean minimal favourite google g twitter facebook love photo share
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    Share Buttons
  12. Cloud Badge cloud ribbon blue white
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    Cloud Badge
  13. UIKIT Logo ui logo black white minimal logotype type
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    UIKIT Logo
  14. Infographic infographic map data
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