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Myweight motion


February 22, 2017

Playing around with the icon for MyWeight, a simple weight tracker ⚖ developed by my friend Diogo Tridapalli.


Apple TV - Peek (and pop)

February 02, 2016

I like my Apple TV more and more. Nevertheless I miss some interaction shortcuts, just like on iOS. One of them is 3D Touch's Peek (and possibly Pop). Didn't think a lot about it so it may have some flaws, but the basic idea is to work...


Parental Gate

November 09, 2015

I've had the amazing opportunity to work on one of the first apps available for the Apple TV, PlayKids. It's an app for children aged 0 to 5, with educational games and shows. This is the implementation of one of the designs I've made f...

Open uri20151103 3 15pjqys

Lightning ⚡️

November 03, 2015

Something for an internal project at Movile. It's not a loading animation, although it may resemble one. 😬


Tiny Watches

September 30, 2015

Little somethings added to other little somethings, all made on a little break. (GIF quality messed up with the sport band shadowing. And no @2x, my bad. 😕)

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Order status

July 02, 2015

One of the few explorations I've done for an order status screen. I tried to add a little easter egg here. 😁 There were some technical and time constraints, so the idea was to design a simple yet friendly animation.

Open uri20150627 11 1zaxdc

Quick Note

June 27, 2015

Just a follow up of yesterday's idea.

2015 06 24 21 36 05

Quick Reminder

June 24, 2015

Just a quick doodle that I made today, thinking about something that would scratch my own itch. Apple has been expanding the possibilities of customisation within its own ecosystem (i.e the share sheet options etc) and maybe would be n...

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