by Maggie Appleton

Designs & illustrations for coding tutorials on Course badges and nerdy developer references abound!

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Pop Quizzing

October 17, 2018

It's exam time for Eggo. A little spot illustration to go on the quizzing overlays on We're adding in some new features that allow users to test themselves on the content right after they watch a video.

All Good in the CSS Neighbourhood

October 12, 2018

All finished off version of the CSS Selectors course illustration for egghead. CSS Selectors are tool that help you select specific parts of your HTML and apply styles to them In the same way you might add colours to areas of your tiny ...

CSS Neighbourhood in Progress

October 10, 2018

Rare sighting of a real life WIP –– Haven't been posting much behind the scenes work and sketches recently so was about time. Been working on this little "The Sims" inspired neighbourhood house today. Will be for an egghead course on CS...

The Many-Layered React App

September 24, 2018

Slicing up the many layers of a React app with this one. Another course illustration for egghead. This one on React Apps with MobX and Typescript. MobX and Typescript are tools that devs use for state management. Which is essentially t...

The Grand Pipes of RxJs

September 21, 2018

Getting musical for a new egghead course on RxJS Pipeable Operators. Obviously plumbing pipes are the default symbolic "pipe" we all jump to. Which I thought about using... but then hit on flute pipes. Which led to generic wind instrume...

Storybook System Stack

September 10, 2018

A short stack of storybooks for egghead's Design Systems in Storybook with React and Typescript course. Storybook is a lovely little tool for developing UI design styles. Props to them for giving me a beautiful colour palette and a fun...

The Data Clouds are Rolling In

September 06, 2018

Data clouds! I've been wanting to paint some cloudy servers for a long time. Might be my favourite internet metaphor. Egghead's course on Serverless Backends with Node.js & AWS Lambda was the perfect chance. This was one of those i...

The Reasoning Machine

August 29, 2018

Crank out your own logical reasoning functions with this pocket-sized Reason machine. Looked at a lot of funky historical calculators for this one. Reason is a programming syntax based on simplicity & solid logic. Designed for egghe...