Floating #Megacity

April 16, 2016

More floaty, less mega. But still counts! From Thursday's theme for @VectorDailies


April 11, 2016

Swooped in this weekend. Little #ghost for @VectorDailies


April 09, 2016

A spin on the #JackintheBox theme for @VectorDailies yesterday. Our modern day equivalent of a frightening, unwelcome surprise that pops up out of nowhere.

Lava Lava

April 02, 2016

Warming up with a #Volcano for @VectorDailies today. Been out of the making flow recently. Time to bring the fire back.

Computational Power Circa 1970

March 17, 2016

A #retro 1970's IBM Mainframe for @VectorDailies. I have yet to figure out why illustrating old computers is so satisfying. Playing with some shadow grain. Plenty of tips picked up from Alex Griendling's tri-weekly Twitch livestream. C...

Dr. Seussical Hill

March 14, 2016

A tribute to the great illustrator who gave us Lorax trees, the Whos of Whoville, and the best rainbow-striped landscapes. This is definitely the minimalist version but pulled a few of his unique landscape elements in a quick piece for ...

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March 09, 2016

Super experimental explosion. Playing around with shapes late at night for @VectorDailies Trying to make more 'microwork' nowadays. Tiny, tiny, shippable pieces that get you to experiment with style and remove you from the "I haven't ma...


March 02, 2016

Another quickie for @vectordailies on twitter. Was surprised I hadn't seen this done before - medical crosses + bandaids seem like natural partners. Or I have seen it somewhere and I've forgotten and am now gratuitously copying without ...