Mister Green

May 18, 2016

Been doing so many technical & mechanical illustrations recently, needed to change it up! Getting back to exploring some more organic character styles.


February 04, 2016

Playing with ovals and doing a handful of geometric-ish character experiments. I liked her hair. Alternative colour option in the attachment.

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Nature Boy

January 15, 2016

He found some mushrooms, ate them all. Now only sees the world in geometric shapes. Working on Gestalt principals more - a little alignment, repetition, and closure here.


December 30, 2015

A side-by-side of two opposing character experiments; Grumpy Mauve Man and Contented Mr. Cream. Slight shift in moods and colour tones. Big pixels in the attachment

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Contented Mr. Cream

December 30, 2015

A more content mood partner for my previous experiment with Grumy Mauve Man. This would be the post-morning-coffee version of his alter ego.


September 09, 2015

Numero five in the #99characters project. An expression best described as somewhere in the middle of confused and befuddled. Mixed workflow in PS & AI. As always, more details, sketches, and alternate experiments in the attachment.

Mr. Rose-Tinted Glasses

August 26, 2015

The third installment in my #99characters project. Developed out of a set of expression character studies - more sketches and details in the attachment. Bit of a clean vector look but managed to end up there only painting in photoshop w...

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Grumpy Mauve Man

August 13, 2015

Playing with some new colour palates. He's the first stage of a new character. Only vectors for now but he needs some hand-drawn refining in Photoshop next. Number 2 in my #99characters project - a little challenge to experiment and pus...