Star Map

May 19, 2012

This is a kind of "World Map" before we decided to do galaxy groupings differently. Astronut for iPhone: Astronut for iPad:


Astronut for iPad

May 18, 2012

When introduced, the iPad was quite a curveball as we had designed Astronut for the screen ratio of the iPhone. This was one idea for what we could do for iPad UI. Ultimately we rotated back to portrait and made a cooler physical space s...


Early Astronut Icon

May 18, 2012

During the process I drew some other fun things that we never used like this cute acorn icon. Astro, nut. GET IT?! Astronut for iPhone: Astronut for iPad:


Floating UI

May 18, 2012

Later on in the development of Astronut we removed the bars at the top and bottom to let the buttons and indicators float, also using "containers" for life and shards instead of meters or gauges with labels. Aside: This was about the ti...


Heads-Up Display

May 18, 2012

We also experimented with a translucent blue HUD atop the play field, showing gauges and star shard progress. You can also see the containers for oxygen and fuel orbiting planets. Astronut for iPhone: Astr...


Fuel and Oxygen Gauges

May 18, 2012

Early on in the design and development of Astronut we tried things like more physical buttons for jump and boost, with gauges for fuel and oxygen. (In early versions, you collected both along the way.) Astronut for iPhone: http://astron...