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  1. 29 Oct Pro
    Mandy McClausky
    Commented on STUDIO INTERIOR 01.

    Great colors. Reminds me of the beautiful evening lighting in Sunset.

  2. 28 Oct Pro
    Mandy McClausky
    Commented on Daily Nothing, Day 001

    I love you, Axel, you nailed it. I made a request in the Slack #feedback channel that people refrain from posting their awful UI Challenge posts because they weren't looking for feedback; they're looking for follows. People gave me shit for it, but it's such a waste of people's time to pretend you're asking for feedback on something that isn't real and has no context, and it creates noise in a space where there are people looking for real feedback on real projects.

    Like someone before me said here, design is about why. People arguing that this is to help beginners understand composition/color/Photoshop seem to be missing the "user" part of "user interface", and I'm not even sure why they need something like this to practice those types of things in the first place. Generally we learn through trial and error, or we at least have a client or colleague to critique us. Unfortunately here, it takes more effort to critique than to hit "L", and critique is lost on these pieces anyway, so what are people really getting out of it besides a false sense of pride out of something that is likely an anti-pattern?

    Call me callous, but I've actually unfollowed a few people because of this thing. There's nothing challenging about not having constraints or purpose, and I scroll past enough "pretty for the sole sake of being pretty" on this site as-is.