1. Map information as a pin animation microinteraction interaction idea google maps pin maps
    Map information as a pin
  2. Visualize shipping route visualization idea animation logistics
    Visualize shipping route
  3. Shipment plan visualization ideas idea visualization trucks shipping logistics ui ux
    Shipment plan visualization
  4. Simple keyboard for Smart TV remote control keyboard tv app smart tv app smart tv smarttv dailyui 025 daily ui 025 dailyui cooking app cooking
    Simple keyboard for Smart TV
  5. TV App - Cooking cooking cooking app recipes smart tv app smart tv smarttv tv app daily ui 025 dailyui 025 dailyui
    TV App - Cooking
  6. Boarding Pass ticket paper design paper dailyui challenge boarding boarding pass boardingpass dailyui 024 dailyui
    Boarding Pass
  7. Onboarding idea starting screen animation onboarding screen onboarding daily 100 challenge dailyui 023 dailyui
  8. Something about search invision studio invisionstudio search box search bar loading loader idea animation material design material tablet search dailyui 022 dailyui
    Something about search
  9. Home Monitoring Dashboard iot dashboard ui dashboard idea ipad pro ipad home monitoring home monitoring dashboard smart home app smart home smarthome dailyui 021 dailyui
    Home Monitoring Dashboard
  10. Location Tracker - Find Your Friends augmented reality ar sensors distance proximity location app location tracking design ideas idea mobile dailyui 020 dailyui
    Location Tracker - Find Your Friends
  11. Leaderboard gamification illustration winter mobile idea leaderboard dailyui 019 dailyui
  12. Analytics Chart heart rate dark theme mobile map fitness analytics chart dailyui 018 dailyui
    Analytics Chart
  13. Email Receipt easter egg email receipt receipt order ecommerce idea illustration dailyui 017 dailyui
    Email Receipt
  14. Pop-Up / Overlay material design navigation idea mobile animation overlay pop-up dailyui 016 dailyui
    Pop-Up / Overlay
  15. Emoji Switch / Toggle switch toggle emojis emoji idea animation dailyui 015 dailyui
    Emoji Switch / Toggle
  16. Countdown Timer madewithadobexd idea blob countdown timer countdown timer adobe xd dailyui 014 mobile animation dailyui
    Countdown Timer
  17. Chat application app messanger messages chat app chat dailyui 013 dailyui
    Chat application
  18. Ecommerce Shop Concept dailyui 012 store shop add to basket check out ecommerce animation mobile dailyui
    Ecommerce Shop Concept
  19. Success and Error messages confirmation flash message idea dailyui 011 illustration animation dailyui
    Success and Error messages
  20. Sharing images twitter social sharing social buttons idea dailyui 010 animation dailyui
    Sharing images
  21. Music Player #2 music player ui dailyui 009 music music player mobile
    Music Player #2
  22. Music Player music music player ui music player dailyui 009 mobile animation dailyui
    Music Player
  23. 404 page animation illustration 404 error 404 page dailyui 008 dailyui
    404 page
  24. Settings dailyui quality settings dailyui 007 youtube video player
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