maldo [business cards]

November 07, 2013

Well its been some time since I've uploaded my nickname-logotype... So here are finally my new printed business cards. The other side is just a simple black background with minimalistic white info-text aligned to the centre.

Maldo animation dribbble apr4

Maldo logotype [animation]

April 05, 2013

As promised in the previous post, here's the real deal of the animated logotype and a link to the whole project on behance :) I hope you like it. LINK: Comments are ...

Maldo logotype [WIP]

April 01, 2013

here's a small WIP preview of the personal "Maldo" logotype. (check the 2X) ;)

Maldo logotype [sketch]

March 31, 2013

Got time to work on some personal stuff besides everything else, I decided to finally make kind of a personal logotype. This sketch will probably serve as the cornerstone for vector work...Im still considering if Im gonna u...