1. Logo - Indoor farming system green farming website flat vector identity icon beautiful web typography lettering logo branding design
    Logo - Indoor farming system
  2. Design for Furoshiki (Traditional Japanese wrapping cloth) navy flat modernism linestyle furoshiki design branding japanese clothes print geometry wrapping
    Design for Furoshiki (Traditional Japanese wrapping cloth)
  3. Fog / Logo prototyping illustration app ui graphic type web minimal beautiful culture icon vector branding lettering typography logo design fog design flat logo
    Fog / Logo prototyping
  4. Years vector illustration beautiful fashion apparel culture years time web minimal lettering branding design typogaphy flat logo
  5. City Promotion Logo japan landmark flower culture web illustration kanji branding lettering japanese goverment happy red hand cherryblossom typography official local city logo
    City Promotion Logo
  6. Robotex Japan lettering machine pattern variation random colorful illustrator brush graphic logo ui typography japanese branding illustration design technology robot
    Robotex Japan
  7. Tokyo night temple tower graphic art illustraion night scene navy city building nightsky scene web beautiful minimal japanese vector design illustration night mode night tokyo
    Tokyo night
  8. Sobasquare Logo Development web development website icon web lettering logo 2d japan culture beautiful flat vector illustration app design app graphic art graphic design logo soba
    Sobasquare Logo Development
  9. Visual Artist Portfolio Website front end animation web beautiful designer design react.js website video art minimal typography branding vector flat lettering svg svg animation visual artist art
    Visual Artist Portfolio Website
  10. Oh! Furoshiki flat vector lettering illustration textile oh graphic design typography logo pattern
    Oh! Furoshiki
  11. You broke the door illustration app web website logo vector flat design ui ux morphing greensock gsap click knobs interactive webanimation animation knob door
    You broke the door
  12. Click to open gsap greensock website minimal vector flat illustration app design icon ui ui deisgn ui guide green ux web svg door animation
    Click to open
  13. Manhattan skyscraper messenger bag bike beautiful culture city minimal vector flat illustration branding design newyorkcity
  14. Soreike SF Tee japan culture city lettering logo vector beautiful apparel t-shirt bridge san francisco minimal flat typography japanese illustration branding design
    Soreike SF Tee
  15. The Light of Tokyo - Postcard culture functionality beautiful metropolis city landscape building light hotel tokyotower graphic  design postcard nightscape tokyo illustration japanese design
    The Light of Tokyo - Postcard
  16. "Sore ike! San Francisco" (Go! San Francisco!) icon vector lettering logo typography tshirt branding design
    "Sore ike! San Francisco" (Go! San Francisco!)
  17. Smartbrushdentalinsurance Animation hygiene dental care animaiton illustration flat branding design
    Smartbrushdentalinsurance Animation
  18. Camping Association Membership Card flat vector illustration typography design japanese branding
    Camping Association Membership Card
  19. Kodomo-En Logo identity icon logo flat illustration minimal typography vector branding design japanese
    Kodomo-En Logo
  20. Hillside farming system logo minimal website web illustration typography lettering logo japanese branding design
    Hillside farming system logo
  21. Miraizu Logo japanese lettering type flat branding typography design logo
    Miraizu Logo
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