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24 futubra iphoneapp rotation

Futubra iPhone App Newsfeed Switching

Newsfeed screen switching for the Futubra iPhone application. See it in action —

July 24, 2012

22 futubra iphoneapp login

Futubra iOS App Login Screen

Login screen for the Futubra iPhone application. See attachments for full details and other UI states. Check the AppStore —

June 21, 2012

21 futubra iphoneapp pulltorefresh

Futubra iOS App Pull-to-Refresh Animation

Pull-to-refresh animation for the Futubra iPhone App. Sorry, it's 1,6 MB large to keep the animation smooth. Image quality is a bit loose due to size optimiz...

June 19, 2012

11 futubra ios icon

Futubra iOS App Icon

An icon for the Futubra application available in the AppStore now — Designer: Pavel Skripkin (http://dri...

April 09, 2012