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Thank you MadSquare!

My mission at MadSquare ends today. Leaving for the freelancing adventure! Thank you @simonandre @Jérémy Paul @Alexis Creuzot and Laurent for this journey. A...

April 23, 2014

MadSquare iOS Icon (Alternative version)

MadSquare iOS Icon - Alternative version Designed by Gwénolé Jaffrédou We are working on the MadSquare website. Stay tuned ! About MadSquare Site | Twitte...

February 10, 2014

MadSquare iOS Icon

MadSquare Official iOS Icon Designed by Gwénolé Jaffrédou About MadSquare Site | Twitter | Facebook | Google+

August 13, 2013

MadSquare Logo - Zoom

Designed by Gwénolé Jaffrédou

August 02, 2013

MadSquare Logo

MadSquare Official Logo Designed by Gwénolé Jaffrédou Available in 2560px * 1440px (see attachment). About MadSquare Site | Twitter | Facebook | Google+

August 02, 2013

Mystery Box Icon

A mystery box soon used on to tease next apps

December 14, 2012

MadSquare iOS icon

Icon used to make a temporary landing page on See full size in attachement

December 14, 2012

MadSquare Logotype Blueprint

Blueprint of the MadSquare logotype. Custom Font & Custom Shape. Based on the Golden Ratio. See the attachement for detailed explanations.

December 14, 2012