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by Luke Dorny

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Shot 1298574834

Windless Calm @ Noon

Whipped something up for everyone to enjoy. What a wonderful thing these guys are doing. Had to contribute. You'll know when it's posted. UPDATE: Mix has be...

February 24, 2011

Shot 1287611944

VENN Diagram Month: Go

Start up your pixel editor or photocopier of choice and photo letter a rebound of this. It's VENN Diagram Month. FIRE AWAY. Three Pointers all.

October 20, 2010

Shot 1281681396

Alternalbum Cover

Took liberties and made my own cover for Where Did The Night Fall using artwork from the liner notes of the album from UNKLE. It's better than posting naked ...

August 13, 2010

Shot 1280992092

Irony-rich Travel Poster

19th-century style travel poster from my scanned sketch for concept project while studying at UCLA a few years back. And I should note that the lettering i ...

August 05, 2010

Shot 1280991157

Pencil & Layout

red pencil on black bristol, typographic layout in InDesign

August 05, 2010

Shot 1280990919

Bezier Classic

Created a scalable adaptation of my favorite album cover for the wall (5 foot by 5 foot).

August 05, 2010

Shot 1280990545

Playbill sketches

Initial thoughts for the playbill project. Actually, this is more from the scanned work i did but had previously posted the lower half here.

August 05, 2010

Shot 1280990381


Toying around with poster design at UCLA years ago.

August 05, 2010